27 July 2010

Zaid Maxwell-Addison and Horace

More songs for your summer!

<a href="http://shapers.bandcamp.com/track/addison-and-horace">Addison and Horace by SHAPERS</a>

09 July 2010

Zaid Maxwell - She Will Come Again

Artz by Steve, Songs by Zaid

side a: she will come again
side b: julep

<a href="http://shapers.bandcamp.com/album/she-will-come-again">She Will Come Again by SHAPERS</a>

04 July 2010

Zaid Maxwell - Fever Police

Happy 4th! Gonna try to release some ideas this summer. here's one

<a href="http://shapers.bandcamp.com/track/fever-police">Fever Police by Zaid Maxwell</a>