30 April 2010

When I Was A Zygote

Pretty sure the name for this song was conceived (get it?) over a boozy Belgian dinner of Chimay, mussels, & frites. The song itself was super fun to record--and we had even more fun* adapting it to a live performance. Enjoy!

Chicago friends should stop by the Co-Prosperity Sphere tomorrow night for the Version 10 "May Day Party". We go on at 9pm!

*Depending on who you are in SHAPERS, use of quotes in the word "fun" may or may not apply.

18 April 2010

Orb Obsessed

Been marveling at the new LCD Soundsystem all weekend, and am now obsessed with getting one of these...

which, when combine with one of these,

is going to be a whole lot of fun. Now searching for wealthy benefactor to make it all happen...


We have a show at the Whistler tomorrow night!