19 December 2010



Songs that may appear on the mix:
Snoop Dog - Gin and Juice
Parks,Van Dyke - Laurel Canyon Blvd
Ariel Pink - Bright Lit Blue Skies
Crunch - Funky Beat
Dd/Mm/Yyyy - Fort Drippy
The English Beat - Save It For Later
LCD Soundsystem - Losing My Edge
Quincy Jones - Love and Peace
David Bowie - Live In Santa Monica '72
Larry Ellis - Funky Thing
Fela Kuti - Gbagada Gbagada Gbogodo Gbogodo
Skip Spence - Little Hands

15 December 2010


WE are playing at the whistler on thursday with chants. shit drops at 10pm. see you there

p.s. NEW 7" will be available

25 November 2010

16 November 2010


Virginia Reel b/w Happy Birthday Polywog BY SHAPERS has arrived. Order one from Whistler Records or find one in stores. What stores? Good question, will find out and get back to u

02 November 2010


We're going on tour next week! Check the dates to the right. Tell all of your friends in Ann Arbor, Toledo, Philly, Brooklyn, NYC and, uh, Chicago. Plus NEW SINGLE on Whistler Records!

20 October 2010

10 October 2010

news, news, news

The new SHAPERS 7" - Virginia Reel b/w Happy Birthday Polywog - will be released in November on Whistler Records. More on that soon...

Also in November, we're heading out east on our first official mini tour! Dates, etc. on the right. EXCITEMENT.

19 September 2010

Zaid Maxwell-Shore You Down

<a href="http://shapers.bandcamp.com/track/shore-you-down">Shore You Down by SHAPERS</a>

15 September 2010


We are really excited to open for Tera Melos and Castevet!

Special thanks to my girl, Attalie Dexter, for this rad poster design.

13 September 2010

Zaid Maxwell-Sea Weed b/w Fast Adam

<a href="http://shapers.bandcamp.com/album/sea-weed-b-w-fast-adam">Sea Weed b/w Fast Adam by SHAPERS</a>

27 July 2010

Zaid Maxwell-Addison and Horace

More songs for your summer!

<a href="http://shapers.bandcamp.com/track/addison-and-horace">Addison and Horace by SHAPERS</a>

09 July 2010

Zaid Maxwell - She Will Come Again

Artz by Steve, Songs by Zaid

side a: she will come again
side b: julep

<a href="http://shapers.bandcamp.com/album/she-will-come-again">She Will Come Again by SHAPERS</a>

04 July 2010

Zaid Maxwell - Fever Police

Happy 4th! Gonna try to release some ideas this summer. here's one

<a href="http://shapers.bandcamp.com/track/fever-police">Fever Police by Zaid Maxwell</a>

24 May 2010

05 May 2010

30 April 2010

When I Was A Zygote

Pretty sure the name for this song was conceived (get it?) over a boozy Belgian dinner of Chimay, mussels, & frites. The song itself was super fun to record--and we had even more fun* adapting it to a live performance. Enjoy!

Chicago friends should stop by the Co-Prosperity Sphere tomorrow night for the Version 10 "May Day Party". We go on at 9pm!

*Depending on who you are in SHAPERS, use of quotes in the word "fun" may or may not apply.

18 April 2010

Orb Obsessed

Been marveling at the new LCD Soundsystem all weekend, and am now obsessed with getting one of these...

which, when combine with one of these,

is going to be a whole lot of fun. Now searching for wealthy benefactor to make it all happen...


We have a show at the Whistler tomorrow night!

12 March 2010

SHAPERS deems its own show a rousing success

Thanks to all the buddies who came to the Hideout last night for our album release show! We had the awesomest time ever--ultra enhanced with crazy/beautiful visuals produced by Joe Carsello of Lasers and Fast and Shit. Special xoxo's to Old Fake and Driftless Pony Club, who helped us celebrate in style. Sooooo, what's next you ask? More jamz, more showz...and in the meantime, help keep the dream alive by purchasing our new record (psst, see below)!

...and thanks to Brian Ruby for letting me borrow this cool photo!

09 March 2010


The wait is over. SHAPERS' debut LP Little, Big has officially dropped! You can get the 12" LP directly from us by clicking the "Buy Now" link below, or come to the record release show at Hideout on Thursday March 11 and get a copy there (includes download code for MP3s) PLUS see us perform live alongside our friends Old Fake and Driftless Pony Club.

DON'T OWN A RECORD PLAYER? We totally thought of that already, and distributed the album to all your favorite digital outlets.
» Click here to purchase SHAPERS Little, Big on iTunes
» Click here to purchase SHAPERS Little, Big on Bandcamp
» Click here to purchase SHAPERS Little, Big on Amazon MP3

08 March 2010

Let the champagne-gravy flow...

Hooray! Our record comes out tomorrow. Here's a live version of one of the tracks: "Hot Gravy Available". Enjoy!

(video shot and edited by Craig "Wheezy" Benzine)

24 February 2010


We'll see you March 11th at Hideout...

If you're lucky perhaps we'll perform our rendition of this:

03 February 2010

Album release updates

Greetings, friends! We are excited to share some updates for SHAPERS' Little, Big record release show, which will take place on Thursday, March 11 at The Hideout. Friends and fellow Chicago bands Old Fake and Driftless Pony Club will be joining us on the evening's bill--both are super amazing and a privilege to play with (that sounds like something your mom would say, but it's true). The show starts at 9pm, and is only $5.

Little, Big will be officially released on Tuesday, March 9 (12" LP and digital). The first 250 record jackets were lovingly hand screen-printed by us; unique snowflakes, each and every one. We'll have copies available for purchase at the show.

If March seems too far away, you can PRE-ORDER the new 12" LP for $15 postpaid. It comes with a free download card for mp3s of the album, PLUS we'll mail it out to you early-to-mid-February.

26 January 2010

I can only Upload 5 at a time. so... 5 more


Here are Photos from our recent recording session in the basement.


SHAPERS' debut LP Little, Big will be celebrated with a record release show at Chicago's Hideout on Thursday March 11 alongside our pals Driftless Pony Club and one more band to be announced.

If March seems too far away, you can PRE-ORDER the new 12" LP for $15 postpaid. It comes with a free download card for mp3s of the album, PLUS we'll mail it out to you early-to-mid-February.